Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make no mistake about it

Those are the "terrorist" that the Israel Zionist killers just killed in Gaza.
These children are called Hamas terrorist in American corporate media
Make no mistake about it, the criminal regime in Zionist land, along with the Arab puppet government like Husney's in Egypt,Abdallah's in Jordan and the other abdallah's in Saudi Arabia and off course with their white Master in Washington and the pathetic EU government are partners in this on going crime against the people of Gaza and their elected leadership ,Hamas .
This is not new to the Palestinians people,from day one, the Zionist terrorist organization such as Irgun, Stern and the Hagana have been carrying out massacres of Palestinians towns and villages.
In 1947-48 those highly trained terrorist European Zionist conducted what is called now ethnic cleansing of Palestine ,according to to ilan pappe, a former Israel academic and historian documented Israeli crimes in the early years of the ugly Zionist crimes ilan explains from A to Z of the history of terrorists Zionism and their intention.
As a human and a proud Palestinian .I like to tell all the Zionist out there ,WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE ,WE WILL BE HERE FOR THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS!!

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